Power Transmission

We use our engineering expertise to meet the requirements of customers, supplying not only individual products but also units comprising existing components.
Tsubaki Chain
Tsubaki Chain

Tsubaki RS G8 Roller Chains, the world’s most trusted brand in power transmission chains.


1.Tsubaki Drive Chain

Efficient and reliable transmission of power is of the utmost importance in any drive application. Tsubaki drive chains are therefore designed to be the most accomplished on the market, bringing optimum transmission of power from motors, to sprockets and to machinery with minimal maintenance. A benefit of our more than100 years of experiences.

Tsubaki Cable Carries / Cableveyor

Tsubaki cable carries are devices for electric cable and hydraulic/pneumatic hoses that can be install inside so that they can reliably supported and guided between moving equipment and their end.

  • Allow cables and hoses to move freely with the movement of the equipment.
  • Easy setup and assembly.
  • Wide variety of model to select.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Improved protection for cables and hoses.
  • Durable.
  • Come in varies model and specification.
Motion Control
Tsubaki Motion Control

Cam Clutches are precision devices which lock the inner and outer races, through the wedging action of cams, to transmit torque in one direction of rotation and overrun in the opposite direction.


1.Tsubaki Cam Clutch

  • Running at one direction and disengage on the other direction.
  • Stop from rolling backward.
  • Overrunning freewheeling.
  • Indexing – to move or rotate at equal spacing.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to install and dismantle.
All For Dreams
Nidec Shimpo Reducer

Nidec-Shimpo Corporation’s power transmission technology combines both mechanical and electrical engineering advancements has an extensive track record in various applications on tension and winding control, helping clients transition into factory automation.

Kogyo Pump
Daito Kogyo Pump

Daito Kogyo Pump products are approved for high-pressure gas and can also be manufactured. Jacket and built-in safety valve are available.


Features of DAITO KOGYO’s Seal-less Gear Pumps

  1. Can handle a wide range of pressures.
    The suction side of a pump can hold a pressure of – 9.5m to 4MPa.
    The discharge side of a pump can hold a pressure of up to 4MPa.
  2. With quantitative capability, the flow rate can be easily controlled with rotation control.
  3. Any liquid can be pumped, from low viscosity to very high viscosity (0.3-100,000 mPa・s).
  4. Fluids of up to 350ºC can be pumped.
  5. Can handle various flow rate specifications (0.1-550 L/min).
  6. The pumps are made of diverse metal materials.
    Typical materials include FC250, FCD450, SCS13A,
    SCS14A/S45C, SUS304, SUS630, and SUS316.
  7. Choose from various driving methods (including V-belt driving).
    Consult us for specifications other than those mentioned above.
Kyowa Universal Joint

The technology developed 50 years before, such as materials, heat treatment and a hundred percent qualified products, has improved its durability, and changed the universal joints as consumable into functional component. Kyowa universal joint is authorized by JIS standards, high workability from standardized specifications with engineering process.


H Series
– Cold forged yoke.
– Flexible in design due to little swing diameter.
– High rigidity and light weight.

S Series
– The origin of KYOWA.
– Standard of pin type, key type, quick change type and with intermediate shaft type.

N Series
– Popular type of the same materials and the heat treatment as S series.
– For diversified applications of any production at low cost.

F Series
– General purpose compact cross type equipped with needle bearing.
– Applicable for high speed running.

C Series
– Cold forged yoke and non-Lubricating type.
– Compact swing diameter and equipped with needle bearing.
– Mainly suitable to mass production due to low cost.

K Series
– Propeller shaft for industrial use.

Magnetec Japan Ltd

Magnet separator is an equipment can remove or separate metal contamination by using magnetic force. Not only steel but austenitic stainless stell fine powder as like SUS304, SUS316 also can be removed. We can manufacture various type of magnet separator according to the production items.

  • Use high performance neodymium rare-earth magnet
  • Can be specified the total length in milliunit
  • Sanitary specifications and compatible for pharmaceutical industry
  • Washable and waterproof specification
  • Safety design which magnet cannot be got out of inside even though surface cover is worn has been adopted as a standard.

Flexco are committed to keeping your belts and your business moving, goes beyond manufacturing belt fasteners, cleaners, and maintenance products to developing real solutions to your belt conveyor challenges.


Mechanical Belt Fastening System

  • A process of joining conveyor belt ends by metal hinges or plates.
  • Get your belts up and running fast and provide long-lasting performance for maximising uptime.
Futec Origin Lubricator

Futec Origin Lubricators reduce wear and tear on the wheels, effectively extending the life span and service interval while reducing on maintenance time and cost. Various types are available depending on application.


Dry Type Flange Lubricator(CL-10)

  • Compass design fits all types of wheels
  • 90-degree adjustable bracket supports different angles of installation
  • Dry type solid lubricant (MS-400)
  • Easy Replacement of Lubricant
  • Long service life
Shinko Seiki

For your “One-Stop” Vacuum Consultant, Shinko Seiki.

  • Correct solution provider with wide variety of vacuum pumps against customer’s vacuum needs and current issues.
  • Application based consultancy process gives every customer a right solution.
  • Change proposal of vacuum pump type for customers who face troubles or issues on their existing vacuum pumps.
  • Right maintenance guidance and repair work with our genuine parts by well-trained local engineers.
  • Variety of optional accessories and material selection available.

Mubea has specialized in the production of high-quality disc springs for over 40 years. Because of their versatility, disc springs are used extensively in a variety of applications, from safety valve systems 3000 m under the sea to satellites in space.
We alsospecialize in theproduction of related components including complex precision fine blanked parts and high-quality roll pins.

  • Mubea disc springs confirming to DIN2093(equivalent JISB 2706) and lining up about 400 kinds of disc spring as the standard model. Its diameter is from 8.0mm to 600mm.
  • Mubea also can meet custom made products as like wave-spring, disc spring withs lot, disc spring with self-centring function and so on.
  • By shot peening processing, the fatigue life has been improved significantly.
  • Long life and space saving can be suggested by using Generation II which is made by new technologies
Daikin Lubrication

The Daikin Chain Grease Feeder automatically distributes the right amount of grease to reduce grease wastage, labour and time taken for maintenance, energy consumption, while increasing system efficiency and lifespan. Down time is reduced as chain greasing can be carried out even when machine is in operation.

  • Labor Savings and Prevention of Hazardous Work
    Automatic lubrication can be easily and reliably performed as this feeder is driven by factory air and conveyor moving force. This both saves personnel expenses, and prevents hazardous work and missed lubrication.
  • Extended Service Life of Facilities, Reduced Drive Power
    Ideal lubrication is possible. This means that not only can malfunctions due to wear, etc. be prevented and the operating rate of facilities be improved, but also labor costs can also be saved.
  • Improved Work Efficiency
    Work efficiency can be improved as noise and jerking due to defective lubrication is eliminated and conveyors can be operated at high speed.
  • Effective Utilization of Lubricant
    This feeder has a mechanism for adjusting the grease quantity. Lubricant can be economically used as greasing can be performed appropriately in this way.
MP Foods series

MP Foods series can be a solution for contamination of soft foreign objects in Food industry. MP Foods series stick the magnet in spite of resin or rubber materials.
It means possible to detect metal detectors and X ray detectors. We can provide packing, O-ring, spatula, rubber ball, insulation lock and so on.


Silicon Scraper / clean spatula
Available temperature up to 180 dec.

Urethane Toothed belt
Profile (urethane) which can be reacted by metal detectors is welded on belt.

Resinprocessed products
can make various shape.

O ring
4 kinds of material (EPDM, Silicon, Fluorine rubber, NBR).

MP foods packing series
Easy handling and wide range availability compared to stainless steel or fluoric resin products.

Industrial Sensors

Industrial sensors play an important role in detecting and sending signal for analysing and processing before these data can be translated into results like alarms or physical motions–start, stop, move etc.

Industrial sensors are currently widely used in many industries now, especially when we are moving into a new age of advanced automation in most factories worldwide. When there is automation, there will always be some form of sensors needed. In layman terms, industrial automation sensors are input devices which provide an output (signal) with respect to a specific physical quantity (input).

Depending on the type of sensors, the output for each will be different. For example, we have:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Torque sensors
  • Vision sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Others
Industrial Inverter / Gear(Box & Motor)

Gear motors typically uses gears assembled as a gearbox to deliver high torque at low horsepower or low speed. The common applications of gear motors are mostly in industries that need a lot of force to move heavy objects. We offer various different types of gear motors, Hypoid motors and Croise motors etc. A Gear box is an embedded system that translates mechanical energy to an output device. The main objective of a gearbox is to speed up torque. We have various types of gear boxes:

  • Worm gear
  • Miter Bevel gear box
  • Helical gear
  • Others

Interroll Drum Motors and Roller

The Interroll Drum Motor platform allows you to create belt drive solutions made of standardized, high-quality components that meet your exact needs and are compatible with all Modular Plastic Belts(MPB).

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