Asahi Kinzoku

Osaka Taiyu Drum lifter

It is a drum carrier with a light weight and a chuck fast-forward mechanism. You can also grab a closed type resin drum. A mechanism that smoothly lift, turns and lowers drums.


  1. Smooth operation with hydraulic foot pedal mechanism.
  2. Do not need to touch drums containing hazardous materials.
  3. Quick set up mechanism.
  4. Can handle a wide variety of drums.
  5. Easy to handle and lightweight.
  6. Safe for use in explosion-proof areas. Safety bar mechanism is available.

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Asahi Kinzoku

The Automatic Pouch Distributor is a machine that cuts a series of pouches to a certain size and feeds them correctly at high speed to a specific position on the work line. The machine is used for various applications such as powder (spices), solid (desiccant, oxygen absorber), and liquid (sauce).

You can register the data for each type of pouch, so that you can quickly switch between them. Also, daily operation is very easy. Since it is easy for the operator to learn how to operate the machine, mistakes are less likely to occur and production is more stable. Our feeding machines are compact and low-noise, so they do not require much space for installation.

Many optional devices are available to meet a variety of situations.

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