Daikin Lubrication

The Daikin Chain Grease Feeder automatically distributes the right amount of grease to reduce grease wastage, labour and time taken for maintenance, energy consumption, while increasing system efficiency and lifespan. Down time is reduced as chain greasing can be carried out even when machine is in operation.

  • Labor Savings and Prevention of Hazardous Work
    Automatic lubrication can be easily and reliably performed as this feeder is driven by factory air and conveyor moving force. This both saves personnel expenses, and prevents hazardous work and missed lubrication.
  • Extended Service Life of Facilities, Reduced Drive Power
    Ideal lubrication is possible. This means that not only can malfunctions due to wear, etc. be prevented and the operating rate of facilities be improved, but also labor costs can also be saved.
  • Improved Work Efficiency
    Work efficiency can be improved as noise and jerking due to defective lubrication is eliminated and conveyors can be operated at high speed.
  • Effective Utilization of Lubricant
    This feeder has a mechanism for adjusting the grease quantity. Lubricant can be economically used as greasing can be performed appropriately in this way.

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