Asahi Kasei

THT Explosion – Proof LED Light

TOP HI-TECH (THT-EX) is the leading manufacturer of Explosion-proof LED Lighting in Taiwan. All the products are self-designed and manufacture while marketing to the world with THT-EX brand name.

  • Driverless Design (Lightweight, Compact and Long Lifespan
  • AC-In Design (100% Conversion Efficiency and Energy Saving)
  • Wide operating temperature (-65 to 100 Degree Celsius, Heat and Frozen Resistant)
  • Wind Resistant (Passed 17 Beaufort Scale Wind Load Test)
  • Impact Resistant (Passed 12 Meter Drop and Impact Test)
  • Pressure Resistant (Passed 1000 Meter Underwater Pressure Test)
  • Salt Water Spray Test (Passed 1000 hr)
  • Anti-Vibration Design (Passed Vibration Test)
  • Lightning Strike Protection (2kV/4kV/6kV MOV)
  • HighPower Cycle (5 million Times)
  • IP67/68 Rating, Special Depth Requirement Available
  • Special Coating for Corrosive Environment Available
  • Stainless Steel Accessories and Screws
  • Modularized Light-source Design and Independent Power Input for more stable Illumination
  • Designed and made in Taiwan

Asahi Kasei Membrane (Automobile ED Paint Field & Semiconductor Field)

1. Asahi Kasei UF Membrane – Automobile ED Paint Field
  • Stable supply of rinsing solution
  • Reduction of Non-Volatile (NV) in the permeate rinsing tank
  • Removal of contaminant ions
  • High recovery of ED paint
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Automated for safety shut down
2. Asahi Kasei UF Membrane – Semiconductor Field
  • High flow rate with permeate collection at top and bottom side to eliminate the dead space in module casing.
  • Collecting permeate from both sides can use all area of membranes effectively because of lower pressure loss, and achieve quick rinse-up!
  • This is the reason why the pore size of Asahi’s membranes is smaller than the others, but module Flux is larger than the others.
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