Tsubaki QuickSort

QuickSort® is a high-speed wheel sorter for cartons primarily used in logistics centers. We have installed over 2,400 units, streamlining our customers’ warehouse operations from inbound to outbound. This highly reliable unit will contribute to solving your problems with sorting automation.


Evenly spaced rollers at short intervals enable high-speed sorting up to7,500 pcs/hr.

Gentle handling:
Sortation with roller friction ensures gentle handling of conveyed items without pushing or tilting them.

Expandability & Flexibility:
A simple combination of QuickSort® units and conveyors allows for easy expansion of the layout.

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Tsubaki Labo Stocker

Tsubaki Labo stocker provides total solution for storage system at ultra low temperatures for vials, test tubes, DNA samples etc. It is an automated storage system from entry to delivery of samples. Labo Stocker is applicable to minus 150 degrees C environment.


Labo Stocker

  • Bucket type
    Quantities of samples storage – More than 500K samples (Vials & tubes)
  • Rack type
    Quantities of samples storage – Less than 1,000K samples (Tubes & plates)

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Tsubaki Zip Chain Lifter

Tsubaki Zip Chain Lifter is the table type lifter that transmits lifting thrust directly through Zip Chains.
It operates 3 to 10 times faster than hydraulic lifters and supports high-frequency operation, which provides a maximum of 50% energy savings.


Zip Chain Lifter works through Tsubaki’s original Zip Chain mechanism and features high-speed, high-frequency and long service life. It achieves superior operation than hydraulic lifters.

  • High Speed
    Achieves high-speed operation at a maximum lifting speed of 100m/min. This lifterworks through a mechanism that directly pushes up the lift table at a stable speed inproportion to motor rpm, enabling lifting operation at a constant speed. Synchronized operation of multiple lifters is also possible.
  • High Frequency Operation
    Unlike with hydraulic lifters, the Zip Chain Lifter does not need to increase the tank capacity of hydraulic units for higher-frequency operation. Support high-speed operation such as continuous lifting at a rate of one lift cycle per minute
  • Stopping Accuracy
    Simple control structure-Easily realizes multi-point stopping/multi-level positioning
  • Expected life
    The Zip Chain Lifter has a mechanism that directly pushes the lift table, which places a smaller load on the hinges/rollers and enables longer life (over one million strokes).

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Tsubaki Bulk System

Tsubaki Bulk System have over 75 years of experience in the bulk handling industries. Produce over 100,000 equipment for handling different product all over the world.

  • Flexible layout.
  • Compact and economical.
  • Easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Dust and water proof.
  • Possible to install multiple inlet and outlet.
  • Well performance of discharge.
  • Possible to have partial repair.
  • Possible to design easy part replacement as option.
  • Low noise conveyor.
  • Space saving

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Tsubaki Motion Control

Cam Clutches are precision devices which lock the inner and outer races, through the wedging action of cams, to transmit torque in one direction of rotation and overrun in the opposite direction.


1.Tsubaki Cam Clutch

  • Running at one direction and disengage on the other direction.
  • Stop from rolling backward.
  • Overrunning freewheeling.
  • Indexing – to move or rotate at equal spacing.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to install and dismantle.

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Tsubaki Cable Carries / Cableveyor

Tsubaki cable carries are devices for electric cable and hydraulic/pneumatic hoses that can be install inside so that they can reliably supported and guided between moving equipment and their end.

  • Allow cables and hoses to move freely with the movement of the equipment.
  • Easy setup and assembly.
  • Wide variety of model to select.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Improved protection for cables and hoses.
  • Durable.
  • Come in varies model and specification.

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Tsubaki Chain

Tsubaki RS G8 Roller Chains, the world’s most trusted brand in power transmission chains.


1.Tsubaki Drive Chain

Efficient and reliable transmission of power is of the utmost importance in any drive application. Tsubaki drive chains are therefore designed to be the most accomplished on the market, bringing optimum transmission of power from motors, to sprockets and to machinery with minimal maintenance. A benefit of our more than100 years of experiences.

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